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Message from the President

Enriching Lives as a Comprehensive Building Materials Trading Company

Sojitz Building Materials Corporation, a core member of the Sojitz Group, aims to be “your good partner for building safe and comfortable homes” and enriches lives through all manner of living spaces.

To meet the diverse needs of customers, we strive to function as the core of the supply chain by engaging in the effective procurement of materials and equipment, not only in the area of new home construction and renovations but also in general construction and civil engineering work. We are also proactive in seeking to discover new techniques and commercial materials that embrace the concepts of safety, security, the environment and energy efficiency. And we are committed to becoming a reliable supporter that is able to satisfy customers.

We will seek coordination and collaboration with our parent company Sojitz and utilize a vast overseas network to meet your every expectation as we strive to become a comprehensive building materials trading company that contributes as your most trusted partner.

Thank you for your continued guidance and support.

Sojitz Building Materials Corporation